Military car design for defensif and war

SUV Zzz18

Military car design for defensif and war There is a apc at the county auction, but I dont know if its for sale.

You can not invade mainland America. It’s a concept Hummer, apparently. Oh, well I’m changing mine if we get to pick anything we want. I wish I’d thought of it first. It appeals to me on many levels. Have you seen the fecking thing.?

I wouldn’t want anything I couldn’t make biodeisel for. It was a schoolbus that had its wheels replaced with treads, armor plated, wrapped in barbed wire, had a fenced in enclosure on top for troops, and a radio transmitter mounted on the top. Ratel 90 – armed with 90mm cannon, crew of 4 plus can carry 6 troops. Revolutionary game where you remotely control miniature vehicles equipped with cameras and weapons on a real life battlefield.
Great work on the site too. Check out zombiepalooza radio live a 5 hour show that brings everything you can think of in the genre of zombies. Is it me you’re looking for??

8×8 twin steer

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