French "Beetle" experimental aircraft of the 1950s

McDonnell XF85 Goblin 1948 American Prototype Fighter Aircraft.

French “Beetle” experimental aircraft of the 1950s The SR-71 Blackbird is a marvel. Sorry guys I can top them all, just don’t have a photograph. Two very intelligent chaps there. Proving that humans and B-36 bombers aren’t that different after all, it was much more difficult for the aircraft to re-attach the Goblin. I am an very old man by airsoft standards. Blog posting reflect my views only. If your lucky enough (or cursed, depends on how you look at it) to be in Las Vegas this weekend or coming week, look me up. All of us, on this plane?

Gonna Take You For A Ride On A Big Jet Plane

the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin was developed as a “Parasite-Fighter” and was designed to be carried and deployed from the bomb-bay of USAF heavy bombers to do battle with intercepting fighter jets.

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