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Warship Work In Progress.

view original image) Hello, well it has been a bit since I built any thing for my Orks but a friend gave me this old radio controlled boat that had been sat in his room for years. Hello, I settled for a destroyer type boat in the end and so started work on her. I have all so started to armour up the bow. The rear could be a deffkopta landing pad maybe?
Well it has been a bit because have been so busy at work but finely got some time to get on with it. I have got the first two decks and the main gun finished.
For starters, this smells of orky awesomeness. I especially like how all the guns can shoot forward or turn to fire to the sides. Okies, enough of me trying to type Orklish. Maybe you could use buggies as life rafts?
If you dont have a theme, may i suggest those good old pirateers, the Flash Gitz. I will probably make another anti-aircraft gun but it is all ways easier to build some think twice.

This is turning out really great. Hello again, finely got some spare time so was able to get on with my boat. Can we get a full shot?
Hello, well finely got some spare time so was able to do a bit more on the boat. Im assuming that there will be somesort of comand tower at the top?
I have a smaller hull same style that i am going to start work on. Oh and does it float irl?
As you can see I have built the first deck above it but not totally sure what to build up there yet, the other good thing about this set up is there is enough space between the gun and funnels for my landing craft. In the second picture you can see a set of side sliding doors, There are a pair on the opposite side and I want two build some guns that can be pulled in and out to allow the doors to work.