100 MPGe, electric, electric car, electric vehicle, batteries, finland


100 MPGe, electric, electric car, electric vehicle, batteries, finland … Some people say that I look damn fine for a 40-year old.
Looks like a fun little ride.

Tesla generator news flashes, progress and scientific tests. Mercedes sls amg electric drive blue chrome paint job. Best looking electric vehicle ever?
Fisker Karma a luxury hybrid electric sports car – love everything about it. Odorico Pordenone is a delightful caravan that expands its seams to accommodate you and your folks quite comfortably. It features an electric motor assisted by two gyroscopes to maintain balance on the vehicle and two footrests. Motorized wheelchairs are a great invention, giving millions of disabled people mobility and independence but they’re still prohibitively expensive.

Zero-emission vehicle designed for Progressive Automotive X-Prize competition. Electric vehicle grand prix to rev up interest in electric vehicles. We’ve reported about a range of folding bicycles that can be carried with ease and used whenever need be.

Prototype vehicle with a highly fuel-efficient engine.

Concept car powered by electric motors. With the formalities finalized, the four-wheel-drive electric sportscar is now headed to the U. S. One of the technologies involved are the direct-drive motors the ERA has powering each wheel. Designed with a range of 200 km (125 miles), the four-wheel drive electric car has a direct-drive electric motor for each wheel, eliminating heavy gearboxes, while the transmission was replaced with a vehicle control system developed during the project. Now the industry will gain more expertise and develop rapidly in our country. Most manufacturers do not make electric cars because current battery technology means they make a range of only 100 miles.

Electric Raceabout Electric Sports Car

The Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Electric RaceAbout (ERA),

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The E-RA is an electric car from Finland