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The Word Thoughts Blog: Cobra

Tanks Snakes have always creeped me out yet at the same time fascinate me.

They seem sneaky and sly yet so very intelligent. A cobra is a venomous snake found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.
The most common cobras are the Indian Cobra which is of the Naja family. Bruce Johnston sang with the Beach Boys from 1965 to 1972. The Ford Cobra was in production from 1993 to 2004. The Cobra is an armored vehicle developed by the Turkish company Otokar. Cobra is a 1986 action-adventure film starring Sylvester Stallone.

You should check out this new web-based animal reality show called Animal Movers. They move many different types of animals. It was very interesting and family friendly. From a very young age I grew a fascination with caterpillars. Blue is a wonderful color with many feelings and emotions to it. So many countries have it is a extremely versatile APC. Here is a variant the Slovenian Army uses. I hope pakistan will induct some Turkish APCs. This is one beautiful machine.

Nevertheless, its an awesome machine to watch. This is one beautiful machine.

Well if pakistan fully went for the Cobra you could just go for different variants on the same platform. It has full NBC system encase god forbid nukes or chemical weapons go flying it can protect the crew and monitor the outside levels. Plus it is fully protected and has a good level of mine/ied protection along with Run-flat tires that come standard.
I m not sure, if PAK Army have them or not . Are these to make it flow in water??

LIV Kobra omogoča opozarjanje posadke v primeru, ko je vanjo namerjen laser, in upravljanje oborožitve na vozilu iz notranjosti vozila. Delo operaterja nadzira poveljnik vozila, ki lahko po potrebi ustavi ogenj.

Looks like a Warthog, or something else out of Halo – Slovenian Military | Slovenian Army Slovenia Cobra wheeled armored vehicle personnel

Otokar Cobra NBC – 4×4 Military Vehicle

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Otokar Cobra NBC – Military Pictures – Air Force Army Navy Missiles Defense

Slovenian Military | Slovenian Army Slovenia Cobra wheeled armoured vehicle personnel …