Military Vehicles Roll Into Liverpools Albert Dock.

Tanks During a recent operation, drivers spent 48 hours avoiding enemy forces, mine fields and indirect fire.

On return to Camp Bastion, vehicles are serviced immediately for further operations leaving little recreational time for the British soldiers who work in heat reaching 54 degrees celcius and drive on terrain without recognizable roads. Experts said the device weighed 160kg.
They could have died because it rolled over. That would take 200 tonnes of armour.” The First Minister said: “This is tragic news. They deserve our deepest gratitude and respect for the job they do in some of the most difficult and trying circumstances imaginable.” He said: “The Taliban have explosive devices which can even do damage to our soldiers in those protected vehicles.” Co-op hand out £750,000 to good causes across Scotland.. Hey, wait a sec, I played with you on Ramiel yesterday Stigger, haha. Well burst my bubble why don’t ya. Changes you the robbing of wheel on this truck?

Without this, very good job ..