Japans Kawanishi H6K, "Mavis" flying boat

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Japan’s Kawanishi H6K, “Mavis” flying boat World War II, a time in history of great upheaval the world over. Look around and enjoy the historical information, the specifications, pictures and videos of the machines of war that were used in World War II. It did serve a few month before being sunk by German aircraft. However, it had only been partially completed by the time of the German – Russian armistice of 1917. It was used in the Black Sea region until it was heavily damaged by bombs. However they were still under construction when Germany invaded.
However, none had construction started.

Kawanishi Aircraft CompanyImperial Japanese Navy KawanishiH6K 九七式飛行艇

The Kawanishi H6K was an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat produced by the Kawanishi Aircraft Company and used during World War II for maritime patrol duties.

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WW II Japanese flying boat Kawanishi H6K.