Vintage Pickup Trucks

Job Rated.

Vintage Pickup Trucks Claire Desjardins is a fine artist working in Quebec, whose interest in graffiti, street art and abstract expressionism is apparent in the vibrant colors and forms of her work. Can you see the titular subjects in the corners?
Getting a haircut old school style, with a pipe, and an airplane at the background.
An RAF pilot getting a haircut while reading a book between missions. My future kid will skate.. Divers extraordinary encounter with 50ft humpback whale.

This is on my bucketlist. How life should be lived.
Belly laughing till it hurts.. A great white shark roaming the sea floor. Whales are one of the most intelligent animal species in the world.

Vintage Pickup Trucks.Dodge

1946 Dodge Pickup Truck.

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1950’s era Illustrated Advertisement for Dodge Trucks “Job Rated” newspaper boys delivery on truck. (Cool Old Trucks PHOTOS Rusty, Retro, Vintage, Antique- pictures, images)