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The all wheel drive Sisu 8×8 truck with integrated multi lift hook …
There are several main trends at work, Drori says. It has a dual-mode seeker combining a millimeter-wave AESA with an imaging infrared seeker. David’s Sling has multiple missile-defense roles. However, the missile is being developed with a second role in mind.
Another future development, Drori predicts, will be a system that provides an umbrella of protection for moving forces. A similar “multimission missile” concept is being pursued in the U. K., An important feature of Sea Ceptor is a “soft vertical launch” system in which a small low-pressure gas generator module kicks the missile out of the launch cell, and thrusters orient it toward the target. Vertical launch means that the weapon can be fired from concealed positions. One result of this emphasis is a continuing evolution in requirements for one of the biggest U. S. Navy officials remain optimistic they will eventually be able to get all the technology development and capability for AMDR they had planned for. James Syring, the program executive officer for integrated defense systems. But recent government reports—including a U. S. It has never been used in a radar of this scale.” France’s Ile de Levant test range is the only non-U. S. Even testing missiles against these weapons is challenging, because authentic target missiles are expensive, and because the missile wreckage can seriously damage the target even if it is disabled before it is hit. The French therefore interpret this as meaning that none of the U. S. The event was witnessed by Armed Forces representatives from more than 10 nations worldwide.

SISU 8×8 is an armoured off-road truck used in various military applications. The program was delayed since 2009,” said a business official. The latter includes the RAPIDFire mobile gun or gun/missile system, which was shown publicly for the first time at the show. In pulling all the offerings under one umbrella we have had to look at the functional parameters of each Thales product and consider how it interacts with other Thales products.’ Optronic sensors have been integrated directly into the turret thereby ensuring that the RAPIDFire can operate autonomously if required.
Thales remains the only company in Europe to be able to offer a comprehensive air defence solution spanning the entire chain of operations, from sensors to effectors. Air defense guns have been a controversial weapon in the past, as the guns could not cope effectively with fast, highly maneuvering targets. The new gun went through French Air Force testing in 2011, demonstrating good results. The new projectile contains a load of tungsten pellets dispersed by a time fuse few seconds after firing (equivalent to range). The unmanned turret mounts the gun, ammunition feed and electro-optical multi-sensor payload providing the target acquisition for RAPIDFire.

The gun has an effective range of 4000 meters against aerial targets and 2,500 m against ground targets. Augmenting the gun, the turret can also carry up to six Starstreak air defense missiles.