Or Pulling It Out With Another Vehicle.lt;br>Just Be Sure Not To Get The
Or Pulling It Out With Another Vehicle.Just Be Sure Not To Get The … No honey, I’m NOT done buying shit for the truck yet . Installed: Borgeson #000951 steering shaft. Running total is now 4800. Gear ratios: 1st 6. 29:1 2nd 3. 48:1 3rd 2. 10:1 4th 1. 38:1 5th 1. 0:1 6th . 79:1.. Bummed a ride accross town to my buddies and drove his Case 580 rubber tired backhoe cross town and proceeded to bury it up to its axles. Got some friends the next day to help and got them both out. I can send a text message from anywhere on Earth, (except Madagacar and parts of Antarctica for some reason). I ended up sinking my truck with no winching options. I ended up just digging out with a shovel for a couple days then getting winched out by a passerby finally. More straps, shackles and pulleys than I actually need.
If I got stuck like that I wouldn’t post pics of it. The SPOT is a great tool. Good pictures though, thanks for posting them. Nope the jeep was still in there.

We’ve all done stuff like that Mark, dont’ beat yourself up. Now it’s gets greased more than some guys front drive shafts. Me still stuck in BX?