With more and more technology at your fingertips, the ability to buy used cars just got much easier. You do not have to show up and negotiate a price you want to pay empty handed when there are resources online that allow you to get information that can help you negotiate a much lower price than the seller wants. You can get car values using simple online tools and put yourself in a position to purchase a used car at a price you feel is fair.

 Resource for Used Car Prices

There are many places you can visit online to get quotes on used cars, but none are more world renowned that Kelly Blue Book [source:www.kbb.com]. You can get dealer price quotes on used cars, prices on preowned vehicles and find out the value of a car you already own. The resources are all at your fingertips and you have the ability to be informed before you make any vehicle purchase.

They also give you tools so that you can get estimates on what your monthly payments will be on your used vehicle.

By getting more informed about the vehicle that you are considering buying, you give yourself the best opportunity to save a significant amount of money. The Kelly Blue Book website has many tools at your disposal for getting the used car you want at the lowest price possible.

here are just some of the tools you can utilize on your next purchase.

 The Payment Calculator

Buying a used car within your budget just got much easier with the use of the payment calculator. You simply access the calculator on the Kelly Blue Book website and enter in details like the price of the used car, the down payment you will be putting up, interest rate and tax and you will find out exactly what your monthly payments will be.

This value calculator for people on a tight budget, as you can mess with the numbers until you find a comfortable monthly payment that falls within your budget.

The Used Cars Price Guide

Baby boomers can all relate to the used car guides we had to purchase at the local convenience store to find out what a vehicles value was. The problem with those guides were that they left a lot open to interpretation. They simply graded a vehicle on excellent, good and poor condition. Many times the used car appraisal was overvalued and you simply paid too much for the are you were interested in. With the advent of the internet things have changed for the better for the car buying public.

Used Car Quotes

One of the most valuable tools when shopping for a used car is the used car quotes tool on the Kelly Blue Book website [source:kbb.com/used-cars]. This tool is extremely simple to use, and will provide you with many parameters for narrowing down your vehicle search. You enter details like year of vehicle, make of vehicle, model of vehicle and the mileage.

The website will guide you through a series of questions designed to zero in on the exact model of the vehicle you are inquiring about. You will get to select the body style, the engine size and series. You can refine your search even further if you like with certain added options. Once you have entered all your details, you are given the choice of what type of price quote would you like.

Your choices are buying from an individual, buying from a dealer or buying a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Each price will reflect the choice you have made and put you in the best negotiating position for your used car. These car buying 
advises can help you negotiate no matter who the seller is.

Online Auction Prices

You can take a quote from many different online auctions and get used vehicle for the price you want. If you visit eBay Motors [source:www.ebaymotors.com] you can bid on just about any used car that you can imagine.

These auctions usually start at significantly low bidding prices and later skyrocket up to higher prices. With car quote in your hands now you can find the car you want at the reasonable prices you want. If you know your price should be around $3000, so you find a few cars that you think are perfect on eBay and rather than getting in bidding wars and over paying for the vehicle, you place your maximum bid and you are done.

If you happen to win the auction you got the price you wanted. Either way you used your quote to help you save from losing money.

Finding Local Cheap Used Cars

There are many websites that can help you find local cheap used cars. You now have the tools and quotes in hand to find out if those deals are real. Many local used car dealers make a significant amount of money on it because they simply accept them as trade ins on a new car, and then they mark them up and pocket all those profits. Using online tools you can find cheap local cars and negotiate for the lowest possible prices better than had you gone there empty handed and tried to negotiate.

These online tools will help you to land a great deal and walk away with more money in your pockets.