VEHICLE WRAPS COVER UPS: the world is watching


VEHICLE WRAPS COVER UPS: the world is watching Vehicle and fleet wraps are efficient and effective means for placing outdoor signage in plain sight by turning a bus, truck, touring vehicle or car into a mobile billboard that puts a client’s advertising all over the place.

A good wrap must be able to cover, but not impede, widow visibility and its vinyl materials must be weather resistant to heat, UV, cold and wind.
Applying a pressure sensitive vinyl film to create a vehicle wrap may seem an easy job of placing adhesive backed vinyl film to cover a bus or truck shell, but appearances can be deceptive.

The coverage of a vinyl wrap on a bus can be akin to placing a series of gigantic decals in exacting proportions in very specific parts of the bus. Covering windows is easy, but it requires a different kind of vinyl, a perforated one-way viewing mesh that allows it to cover windows, yet letting passengers still see through them. A vehicle wrap of a Chrysler P. T. Great care was taken in applying this wrap as the vinyl film had to be fit against the various compound curves of the vehicle.

He pointed out that fleet/vehicle wraps constitute about 50 % of Shadow Graphics business. A project begins with having the advertisement and knowing what kind of vehicle you want to put it on. If it stands still long enough – it can be wrapped.
People love to watch the Zabones do their thing at ice hockey games, Talk about getting their undivided attention, what better to wrap than something that everyone is looking at. Once the wrap becomes a definite project, the first thing is getting a software ‘template’ of the vehicle to be wrapped.
The first challenge is fitting the final artwork onto the template and getting a proper sense of how that will translate into its vinyl element counterparts. To cover a bus Howard noted, “it normally requires two, but could require as many as five ‘installers’ to apply the vinyl and depending on the number of installers used, could take between one or two days to complete.

For some jobs or a single vehicle wrap, Shadow Graphics can complete the wrap at their shop. It’s a vehicle wrap, except this one goes up and down instead of back and forth. Part of the beauty of setting up a franchise outlet is that it can be anywhere in the United States, said Howard.
He is also writing a book on the history and future of film entertainment.