Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba It runs good with about 2K gallon of water, a lot smoother then with nothing.
They really dont have the power you would think, its kind of a waste of time.

I have had my truck up Rausch Creek a few times, it really does great for a 22K lbs semi truck. I drove mine approx 550 miles home last month, cruising at around 65mph with the pedal to the floor all the way home.

The other negative for long drives is the noise.

Lots of noise from the engine, wind, gear whine and tires. I love the shell on that 5-ton. Sounds like an engine swap and some sound deadening would make it better for those long trips. All i need to do is change the seals around the injectors on it. It’s not the engine, it’s the transmission, if you could swap something like a Eaton 8LL in there these trucks would be bad to the bone.

I’d even line-x the bottom just for the extra sound and heat protection. On ours you can see the aftermarket a/c mounted on the fender. Maybe you could stick the body on an old box truck chassis or something.
Where the 5 ton Rockwell axles can take a bunch more HP is another question though. While gearing is one thing, these engines barely have enough power to keep a load moving up a small incline in 5th gear. Any Cummins 855 will swap right in though. With some mods they will. Mainly changing the turbo pipe routing, and getting accessories to match up. Someone was asking for HP and torque numbers on the NHC-250. All M809 series trucks had the cummins NHC 250. Don’t the windshields pop out/fold down and isn’t the top removable?
What about the rest of the driveline that shoots craps with 3x the torque on tap.