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This is a really inexpensive price for the top of the line boat.If … Dragonfly is a radio-controlled flying robot insect with a unique flying action. The Marder is built on a 4mm angled alloy chassis. Perfect for outlaw class racers. El Camino body with blower protuding out of the hood.
Flight times will be reduced the heavier the payload.
Mеl: (L) 70 x (B) 25 x (H) 16 cm. Leveres i 3 forskjellige frekvenser. Mеl: (L) 60 x (B) 25 x (H) 15 cm. Levers i 3 forskjellige frekvenser. Mеl: (L) 97 x (B) 36 x (H) 25 cm. The durable Acropor body can take even violent collisions. All-Terrain-Racing-Skirt made of real hovercraft skirt fabric. Crash proof and unsinkable Acropor body. Wind tunnel improved Aero-Race body. Water protected air exhaust system. Weight ready to run: Approx. Mеl: (L) 45 x (B) 25 x (H) 13 cm. Please note that all AA battery is NOT included.
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