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SNKRFRKR WOODY’S TOP 10 CARS An apocalyptic vision of pure bad-assness on four fat black wheels, this is the car that still gives me the odd wet dream. This car won’t appear on anyone’s top ten G. O. A. T. BTW, the 71 and 72 are basically the same car, save a few trim options, but my garage is packing a 72 model that is black-on-black-on-black with a ‘slightly enhanced’ big block that loves donuts. Muscle cars should look tough and go fast, and the 69 Superbee Six Pack was all that and more.

A six pack of carbs atop a hot 440 really got the Bee steaming, to the point where many claim they were the fastest factory muscle car ever made – for a lot less money than the famed 426 Hemi. This thing is so hairy-chested and 70s, even Magnum looks like a ladyboy behind the wheel. This highly strung Italian super car packs V12 performance and weird curves in all the right places, with just enough oddball outer-space styling to make the uninitiated wonder what the fuck it is. Only 1200 were made, yet the Espada is still surprisingly affordable.

Man, I could really offend everyone at a car show with that. Alright, it’s the standard issue 560SEC, but even in factory trim, this was an incredibly expensive machine back in the day (over 250k). Darth Vader, your limo is ready. Yep, another big black car with a huge engine, no surprises here.

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