Two Tone Paint Job On A 1994 Chevy S10 Two Tone It Proper Photo

Two Tone Paint Job S10 Magazine

Two Tone Paint Job On A 1994 Chevy S10 Two Tone It Proper Photo … On the driver side, the line was taped out with blue fine-line.

Once the two-tone was taped out on the driver side, a piece of masking paper was taped up in a fashion that could be replicated on the other side.

Next, three wet coats of clearcoat were applied.
Next, it was time for the airbrush graphic to split the two-tone (this was not done by Josh at Hellfire). The chrome effect is achieved through a series of skilled layering of the proper color combinations. After the truck was airbrushed, it was taped up, cleaned, and recleared with another three coats of clearcoat then color-sanded and buffed to a killer shine.

Your project’s paintjob and final assembly are what will either make or break the final outcome.

Every big project takes a skilled team, and this build was no exception. Once dry and taped up, the truck was placed in the center of the booth and was ready for final cleaning.
The truck was wiped down with solvent-based cleaner and then water-based cleaner and wiped clean with a dry towel. Next, a custom-mixed blue was reduced, and three even coats were applied.
Purple 3/4-inch masking tape was laid under the blue fine-line just so you can see it in the pictures (color doesn’t mean anything for the quality of the tape.

Next, it was cut where the top of the tape is and then flipped over on the other side to mark where the two-tone will be on the opposite side of the truck.