M1A3 Bradley IFV/APC

M6 Bradley Linebacker. .

M1A3 Bradley IFV/APC Well, you shouldn’t because this thing is grade a crap, because it can’t do what it’s supposed to and even the soldiers are afraid to ride it. Reach out and hurt someone.

Do you ever wonder what helps to keep the airplanes we fly in from burning up from large amounts of heat?
An industry that goes extremely unnoticed is the thermal spray and hvof arenas. C-130- Been in production for more than 6 decades. Four turboprop engines give it a marvelous sound. Keep an eye and ear out for one.

They call it the Spooky. What I worked on in the Army. It is armed with a 25mm Bushmaster chain gun, and a reusable T. O. W. The Bushmaster 25mm is for anti personal but can be used on light vehicles.

M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Military Armored Vehicles

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