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A The Blastolene Special.

Vintage & Classic Car Club of Pakistan Page 475 It housed an engine that weighed 9,500 pounds and operated at 810bhp, brake horsepower or the power that actually reaches the wheels. Jay Leno is the current owner of this unique custom car. The Pebble Beach Concours has truly become �the world�s concours.� El Paxton si que es espantoso y el N� 1 no. Pebble Beach como siempre fue una gran experiencia y afortunadamente pude ver a muchos mexicanos por ah�. No me imagino la cara de los dem�s conductores al verlo??

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Hola, muy interesante este blog, coincido contigo en los autos “raros” y admiro tu selecci�n de sus fotos pero, el Crosley Hot Shot fue un auto gringo anticipado a su tiempo, presentado al mercado en el peor momento para su venta porque quer�an autos grandes y poderosos. Chequen cu�nto cuesta el Amphicar y se asustar�n de lo que cuestan estos coches hoy. Fue un placer conocerte en vivo, Alberto y nos pondremos de acuerdo para hacer una rese�a del fin de semana en Monterey, CA. Se adentr� en el fascinante mundo del automovilismo �como �l mismo lo define- hace m�s de 40 a�os, justo en la d�cada de los 60s con la celebraci�n de los primeros Grandes Premios de Formula 1. Desde entonces, su inter�s en los veh�culos ha quedado reflejado de un sinf�n de formas. El inter�s de colaborar en este espacio surge debido a que en los medios de comunicaci�n mucho se escribe y se escucha sobre la industria automotriz, los pilotos y sus escuder�as, los motores y los campeonatos de carreras, que sin lugar a dudas son los laboratorios para desarrollar nuevas tecnolog�as que nos permiten contar con autom�viles m�s seguros, eficaces y veloces. Sin embargo, Navarro Llamas recomienda no olvidar las bases que han cimentado el desarrollo de este emocionante deporte que al mismo tiempo es una importante industria no s�lo en M�xico sino sobre todo a nivel mundial. Un Hillman ca�do del Cielo 2a. Un Hillman ca�do del Cielo 1a. Cuando los autos eran ARTE (2a. Nuestros queridos libros impresos 2a. Recently, the Internet was full of news of supercars that burnt. People pay big money for these fantastic expensive cars and they burn. I propose you to look at a Lamborghini Gallardo burned in Greece.

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The car weights an incredible 4. 3 tonnes, but that’s less than 10% of the weight of the original tank from which the engine was sourced.
Of course Jay Leno is annoying, he is hard working, wealthy, and likes cars. So guys, fancy hot rods?
I know, i know i am exagerating . Randy fabricated the adapter that mated the tank engine with the allison automatic tranny out of a greyhound bus. Chassis with wood bucks in Al Trumbly’s shop. Looking forward at cowl hood and front end.
Note the hand formed grill shell. Ready to show (at Goodguys 2002) with custom built alcoa style wheels. There is also a video of the engine firing up, put up in their site.

Guys, i have created this thread purely to share a work of genius. What a blast of a car. Forgot that laptop volume was set at high. One reason such hobby profession has an healthy presence in developed countries is due to patrons like Jay Leno. Here’s another tank engine car hybrid.
Amazed to see that they actually bothered about FE. The engine was not designed to sprint. How on earth did they balance the weight. How on earth did they balance the weight. Hi abhijeet, the car actually sprints more than we think, infact with the monster torque the engine generates, the car initially used to twist like a pretzel. Regarging the rover, i think the engine is more inside the car than in the bonnet.. God how did i miss that. That is one heck of a ride.

Build your hot rod and drag. The car gets about one mile per gallon. This unique custom car is currently owned by famous Jay Leno. It is still in progress, but the idea is obvious. What you are about to see is so custom that it may be right to state this is not 1966 Mustang any more.

2001 Blastolene Special “Crystal Tank Car” This street-legal vehicle was built by a glass artist named Randy Grubb in Grants Pass, Oregon.
It housed an engine that weighed 9,500 pounds and operated at 810bhp, brake horsepower or the power that actually reaches the wheels.Made with a strikingly ornate aluminum body worthy of the title, “crystal tank,” Jay Leno bought it for 125,000.

Jay Leno’s Patton Tank Engine Hot Rod

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Cool car Jay Leno

Leno Tank Car storms Pebble Beach

Randy Grubb made the Blastolene Special with a Continental AV1790-5B(A huge engine that weighs the same as a Volkswagen Beetle) used in a 51-ton M47 Patton Tank back in the 1950s, a Greyhound bus transmission and metal for the body.
Jay Leno purchased it to add to his extensive collection of cars.The car was built at Grubb’s shop in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Jay Leno is the current owner of this unique custom car.Sporting an actual tank engine and aluminum body, the car (weighing 1/11th of a real tank) was sports a 1600 HP engine and gets a whopping 5 miles per gallon.