Aston Martin One 77: INR 20 Crore

A Great Shot Of The Aston Martin One77.

Aston Martin One 77: INR 20 Crore So after all the hype and endless rumors, finally the first batch of images of the new Ferrari F620 GT is beginning to emerge.

Anyways, putting aside the references to other cars, this new F620 looks like a much more stunning version of the Ferrari FF. Outputting an estimated of 740 horsepower with all of the power going to the rear, 0-100 is dealt in 3 seconds flat and a 0-200 time in only 8. 5 seconds. With figures such as this, looks like the Aventador will have a serious competitor breathing on its neck. Hmm needs time to digest the look, just like when the 599 first released.
Claimed to be the fastest ever from Ferrari itself. Yet Adventador still the best. Just a lil bit changes from my sight. Apakah anda sudah tertarik untuk mencobanya?

Baiklah, untuk sekarang, saya berhenti dulu untuk membahas mobil mobil modifikasi. Saya sendiri bergumam, untuk apa sebenarnya mereka membuat mobil mobil dengan harga yang begitu fantastis?

Beliau berkata, bukan mereka yang glamor, namun hobi merekalah yang mahal. Mereka membuat mobil sedemikian mewah hanya untuk kepuasan semata. Baiklah, tanpa banyak basa basi lagi, dan tanpa menunggu lama karena menunggu adalah sesuatu yang menyebalkan bagiku saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar menantikan kehadiran dirimu .. Perlu diketahui, bahwa mobil mobil diatas merupakan mobil yang pernah disebut juga mobil termahal di dunia. Apakah anda tertarik untuk membeli?

Sekian dulu dari saya, semoga bermanfaat. The car manufacturer who-cannot-be-named (give it a try, we dare you) has one of the most expensive sports car to offer. Bugatti Veyron has become a household name, and every four-wheeler fanatic’s wet dream, especially shattering the world record for being the fastest production car in the world at 431 km/h with its 1001 horsepower W16 engine.

It emanates a classy, yet a casual and informal vibe, as opposed to its predecessors. Bentley makes it’s debut on this list with its Brookland, a car that has been around since 1992, and went off the belt in 1997, but was resurrected again in 2008. Lamborghini’s raging bull is the next in the list. Very soon they will make the first custom-made copy. At moncok there has been attached the four wheel double lever suspension and it is almost the same as it is on F1 racing car, where the vertical suspension is converted into horizontal. Although it on Aston Martin popular 6. 0-liter V12 engine’s base, its capacity has increased to 7. 3 liters, meanwhile the engine weight has been reduced by 25%. If you ever dream about owning an exotic car, then there are many options to choose from.

My Favourite Aston Martin. The One-77.

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