Gone in 60 Seconds – The World’s Most Expensive Car Crash

Gambar Perlanggaran 13 Kereta Mewah Di Jepun.

Gone in 60 Seconds – The World’s Most Expensive Car Crash Sekumpulan peminat kereta sport mewah dipercayai memandu bersama-sama apabila kemalangan itu berlaku, lapor media tempatan. Saved two bucks in gas and a microsecond of good for the enviornment and look at how much damage to the enviorment this crash caused.
These are some very bad bike wrecks. Once they were classy, expensive and beautiful cars and everybody was delighted when they saw them but now, these cars or what is left from them are somewhere out there rusting.
A group of luxury sports car fans were believed to be driving together when the accident occurred, local media reported.
Police say they believe the accident was touched off when one of the drivers lost control trying to overtake a car on a wet and hit the median barrier. The crash was occurred about 10. 15am (local time) on Sunday after the drivers were travelling from Hiroshima to Kyushu. They are then reported to have hit the central reservation before rebounding into the path of the oncoming traffic. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view some discussions and access our other features. Anandan, 56, pushes a part of a coconut tree after cutting it along a main road in the southern Indian city of Kochi November 29, 2011. It was nice to be able to do both. Ten people received minor injuries in the crash, police said.
They said some of the vehicles were beyond repair. His trial began last month – only the second at the court. All three deny the charges. Nothing is true about that. The 85-year-old said he had devoted himself to serving his country, and said killings under the regime were carried out by rogue elements and the Vietnamese.

Police say they believe the accident Sunday was touched off when the driver of one of the Ferraris tried to change lanes and hit the median barrier. No one was seriously injured, but police in Yamaguchi prefecture said 10 people were treated for bruises and cuts. Thailand’s king has called for his countrymen to unite in response to the worst floods in half a century. Many MPs say this would alter relations with the EU and a referendum is needed.
A new centre-left party headed by the mayor of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, appears to have won a surprise victory in parliamentary elections, exit polls and partial official results suggest. As Britain looks for answers to tackle gang crime that partly led to riots across England this summer, one option being considered is the tactic used by authorities in Philadelphia. As a result, certain areas were declared no go zones for under-18s after 9pm. A similar option is now being considered for police in England and Wales. A street vendor heads to offer flags to people in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

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In December 2011, along China Road in the Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan, a group of exotic car owners went for a drive after a car show.
The Ferrari F430 attempted to pass a Toyota Prius.The Ferrari lost control and hit a guardrail, setting off a chain reaction of a multiple car crash that included seven other Ferraris – a 360 Modena, F355 and a white Testarossa – a Lamborghini Diablo and a few high-end Mercs.The total amount of damage exceeded 4 million.

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Police officers investigate wrecked luxury cars at the site of a traffic accident on the Chugoku Expressway in Shimonoseki, southwestern Japan in this December 4, 2011 photo taken by Kyodo.
Ten people were slightly injured in the pile up involving eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini, two Mercedes-Benz and two Japanese cars, according to the police.
A group of luxury sports car fans were believed to be driving together when the accident occurred, local media reported.