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Beyond The Playa: Juplaya 20 12 Part II Separation Anxiety

Photo Credit: I’m sure I looked weird in Reno. There was a huge fire in the mountains that burned the entire time we were stopped at Safeway, and was a giant, raging, un-ignorable beast by the time we left. The road took its time, but eventually we made it to the desert where our friends had gotten to days before us, and had a head start in acclimating to the desert. I was nervous about tearing my stitches, but decided to pour myself a drink right off the bat anyways. It also meant that industrious people started setting up the shade structure around me, standing there with a drink and a cigarette.

As I’m writing this, it’s January, and there is still a fine layer of dust in my mothers’ car. I love everything about it. My mom knew what it would mean, since she’d seen the extent of my Honda’s transformation. The camp, and the group of friends, was smaller than the first year, and more drama-filled than the year before.

Even more awkward was the fact that girlfriend was my significant other’s ex. We were still exploring We were still enjoying ourselves. But it wasn’t the same.

There was a disconnect between camps, between my group of friends, and even between my camp-mates. He got so drunk, he had pissed his pants by the afternoon. He was consuming massive amounts of alcohol all by himself. He’d been forgiven by many several times. We were all drunk at the time (except the driver), but the friend I had described earlier was the drunkest. He wasn’t satisfied with our answer. Needless to say, things happened, and “Drunkest” got violent. So, he punched back and split open “Drunkest’s” lip from his nose, all the way down. We laid him down on bare playa, and procured a sewing needle and dental floss. I don’t like gore, or blood.
So seeing all this go down was traumatic enough, but someone needed to help stitch him up. The stitcher was using a headlamp, which she first used shining red.
For months afterward, I would wake up in the middle of the night, seeing that image in my head.
I guess I’m s till dealing with it, though I sleep fine now. All this shaking rocked my romantic life out of whack, and it never fully recovered, since my sanity worsened.
In a lot of ways, I miss my old life.

It was shaped like a predator’s tooth. This trip signified the beginning of a new chapter of my life.