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What Is The Coolest Looking Hybrid Pr EV Concept?

All Time Butt Ugliest Cars Ever Made Warp drive nacels will be available in the Generation 2 vehicles sometime in the next decade, unless someone goes into the future with the flux capacitor and brings one back. Oops, sorry been there, been done all ready. Have you seen the Mazda KAAN concept car?
The cars look like candy. Sorry,At this time user registration is disabled.
Do you drive an electric-powered car?
Does anyone in Hudson County drives an electric-powered car?
Do you drive an electric car?
I definitely need one of these.

Happy to see some women on this. Cool invention from South Korean designers. You stick in whatever you want and it makes a clock. I see this with knitting needles. Draco Dagger, by Omega Artworks. This is a large hilt. Some cool furniture – I thought of #17 for your house.

The idea is very ingenious. Phone case with a secret compartment. Dear Santa Letter~ good idea to limit presents because we have too much stuff. A GREAT Neighbor gift idea. They have a better seal so they can be frozen and used later. Not a good idea form a HVAC man. When we got our house they did it with a clock my dad a HVAC man had a cow. Hinged canvas – love this. Good way to keep those pesky headphone cords tangle-free.

Super Great idea for headphones, and it works like a charm. One of the goals of this product – to prevent and treat the contemporary disease Carpal tunnel syndrome (Median nerve dysfunctionentrapment). I’m having that need for a holiday feeling again . I mean I know you’re all dying to see it. I can’t believe that Thursday is November 1st . Best said, “I think my wee is in a froth” . She’s super competitive, HATES Dr. She is just freakin (would use a curse word but don’t want to upset anyone with my use of 4 letter words) crazy. She’s just a fruit . She’s always saying how she’s the professional in the lab, but then minutes later she bursts into tears over just about anything.
Everything is about her annoys me today, nothing is every her fault . In other news I’ve decided I need boy muscles to make me bed . It appeared at first to be a day not unlike any other day. The first First was that I entered and completed the first running race of my life.

The race, in Chestertown, began at 9:30 AM, approximately. I think I was the only one in my age group. Oh, and my time, according to the certificate was 34 minutes and some seconds. Near the end of the race, Ed challenged me to pass a lady who was running ahead of us, while pushing her two infant children in a stroller and also while holding two large pointer dogs on a very short leash. And, with Ed’s encouragement, I did. We arrived at WOL for swimming shortly after three P. M. It was a beautiful and cool day, with lots of good sunshine.

Ed: 2 nd prize in his age group, 14 th of all the men in the race and 21 st overall. It is the Mile Swim, and then some.

A nice accomplishment for me to finish the summer. So my move today was basically a disaster starting about 5 minutes after I made my last post . I know I know, it will, just frustrating.
I feel a bit bad, but I agree with him. Contrary to popular belief, I started packing 3 days before moving.

While at work I organised to hire a car for next weekend’s big move – YEAH. Did you know there are over 20 million sperm per ml of semen?
And its thoroughly convinced me that there is no way Ill ever manage to get pregnant. So I’ve just had my first twiglet . There’s a surprise for the first person to answer correctly (without goggling it. I could learn to appreciate the opera. I just had a brilliant idea for Christmas presents for me family. It’s not like a dog that they have to walk or a cat where they have to change the litter box and from the photos you can see it’s way easier than building a goat pen. Finish each day and be done with it.

Japanese car that parallel parks itself…
I definitely need one of these.

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