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Four Dollars Per Gallon: Automobiles De Luxe.

Most Viewed Photos on RIGHT NOW. So, we can say that in the U. S. Americans cannot sustain four dollars per gallon without being offered viable alternative transport. A gallon is about 3. 8 litres if I remember correctly. In AU thats around 1. 10 per litre.

You bring a good point, Steane. This car looks pretty expensive.

If you were to be hit by a car, I’m sure you wouldn’t want it to be this one. Just because you’re paying top dollar for a car doesn’t mean you need to impoverish yourself at the gas pump. I hooked up my accelerator to my brake lights. No, it really didn’t get good reviews. I would love to see anyone get a 328 coupe for less than 40,000. I’m surprised that the Acura TL isn’t on this list. That’s a beautiful picture of the E92. I know what you mean. That BMW is actually a good looking car.