Funny and Weird;br>Part 2 (80 pics)

Funny Weird Vehicles.

Funny and Weird Vehicles.Part 2 (80 pics) I do NOT own these pictures. World cup 2010 winner prediction. Is it two separate parts?
Is that an “outside” rollcage?
I sorta think it’s a regular 5-series with a M5 body kit on it. Either way it was in terrible condition. I hope your finger breaks through the toilet paper. I owe all my internet shenannigans to that man. The reflection on the side panel is twisted and there’s no door handle for the back door on the driver side.

If I was a shark I’d bite that thing just for the fuck of it. Looks like a home made T-Rex. Those wheels look like regular 5 series wheels. Do you think the sliding door hits the wheels on the way out. And a whole lotta pissed off Ferarri and Lambo drivers. I wonder what nationality the car owner is?
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You give trolls a bad name.

I saw it on the discovery channel on some extreme cars show or something.