The Mercedes Pens is something of a celebrity at Art Shows and at Car

Dude Craft: The Pen Guy.

The Mercedes Pens is something of a celebrity at Art Shows and at Car … Now this is pretty cool. It was made purely out of cake.

With a monstrous 100kgs of flour and another 100kgs of caster sugar, this delicious car is made entirely of cake and took 4 days to make it, for a TV advert that lasted…drum roll… 60 seconds. Are you hungry for more?
With an amazing 800kgs of Belgian chocolate and this is about 9,600 bars of Lindt 3oz chocolate.

Here is a knitted Ferrari. For example, you can change it from a feisty sport car to a classic and elegant car using the morph technology. I know you are thinking, so what?
Yes, I present to you the camera car. Harrod Blank, who makes art cars as his speciality made this as one and I know that by now, you should be looking at this and going “That’s snappy. ” Who said you can’t drink and drive?
The moment I looked at it I knew that any alcohol lover would want to have that car. October 16th, 1959 the original El Camino was born. The El Camino is about to be reborn. Can you call an El Camino a sports car?
It will be powered by the same 361hp 6. 0 V8 found the G8 sedan. Pontiac is publishing a 0-60 time of 5. 4 seconds and be able to tow 3500 pounds and carry 1300 pounds of payload.
An El Camino revival may not make sense to you, but it will some and to those people, this is a very special car. Hyundai has quietly been making better and better cars over the last few years. The same way Acura did back in the 80s and 90s. When Toyota did this, they did it with Lexus. The Genesis has been getting great press and is an impressive offering from the Korean car maker. The coupe will feature the same 310hp V6 from the sedan. By their very nature sleeper cars are understated and very much anti-exclamation point. Cars that fast without advertising to world that they are fast. Sleepers are some of the funnest cars on the road.
Those are just a few of sneaky quick cars that are out there.

The greatness of the turbo-charged Cobalt SS is being extoled all over the automotive press. The 4-door version is now available.

If your next car needs to be economic, stealthy and have serious dose of horsepower and sport then look into the Cobalt SS. Dodge has a new pickup for 2009. The 5. 7 liter Hemi has been tweaked for more power. The regular cab short bed version can get to 60mph in 5. 7 seconds and pass the quarter mile mark in 14. 4 seconds. It is just a powerful V8. The Dodge Charger is still a fairly new car when it comes to seeing duty for the boys in blue.

If I was in acquisitions for a police department I would opt for the 5. 7 liter hemis with 390hp and yet it only gets 1mpg less than the V6. An interesting fact about police cars is that no police car is built to be a police car. One company is looking to change that buy building a purpose built police car. It is an interesting undertaking to make a purpose built police car. This has been a rough season in the automotive industry. What do you do with 10,000 pens and a Mercedes that needs a paint job?
There is community where artists and automotive enthusiasts meet and that is in Art Car world.
One of my favorite cars of all time was the BMW M Coupe.

This car was only made for 4 short years and less than 3000 came to the US. That is a ton of go for 3000lbs of Bavarian steel. It was almost a rogue development. When the dust had settled Porsche run the Nissan around the track with time of 25 seconds slower than Nissan was able to run their own car. Now Nissan has responded by standing by their claims that thier car was production spec and ran on actual street tires. The crux of the matter is the 25 second difference in the lap times for the Nissan. When we see the Quattroporte S for the first time, the stealth undercover red and blue police lights are lit up and flashing.
I know this, his car will be rare, desirable and fast. Or it could be an exotic, it will be expensive and probably have a backseat.

Mercedes Pens Art Car The Pen Guy, Costas Schuler – may be a little extreme, but when you have to get the message out there…

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