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Stuck In Traffic?

Meet The New Supercar Based On A Ferrari That Could Fly You Out Of Jams For 50 0 ,0 0 0 .

view original image) It’s an idea that’s never really taken off, despite featuring in countless books and films. But the flying car could become a reality in two years, claim its makers. While maximum altitude could be much higher, the energy to obtain altitudes above 5,000 feet would be significant so we expect it to stay below that height.’ Mr Calkins said the car will run on a hybrid fuel and electric system to power the thrusters, creating as much as 800 horsepower. The ambitious project was launched at aircraft designers Moller International in the U. S. But despite the backing of a wealthy investor, he has yet to produce any practical real-world drive-and-fly vehicles. I mean, could TV and movies have actually lied to me about the future?
When the year 2000 went by without any laser guns of transporters or flying cars, I was a bit dissapointed to say the least. Apparently not, they were just a few years off. Moller International, the company known for always trying to make flying cars but never really making them, is at it again. I say: Not bloody likely. I hope this would be a succesful project. The hood strip need customization. I also do leather restore and repair using UK Technology. Thank you and have a nice day. Coolant/air mendidih dalam spare tank 2. Pada dalam penutup minyak enjin terdapat kesan minyak berwarna perang (warna teh susu) 4.