That Etc UPDF   Parachute Instruck Crane | expensive car

GILA Military Vehicle Fitted With Ballistic Protection.

Ex SAS Parachute Jump Instructors from Uni African Group Hi Dave, we tack them together here and get a specialist welder dude in town with a watercooled Tig to finish them off and pressure test them. All the water tanks are between the rails. And yes, that’s the standard filter under the batteries. See ya Dave, Taking your advice and going surfing.
It looks like it’s ready to take on a land mine blast with the ‘V’ Shaped underbelly. Perhaps some future expansion of the ATW line could include something similar. It had a crew of 2 and could carry 6 on top. Your turn to post a picture.

Yes, tank exercises outside military training areas could become quite expensive because tanks tend to damage things. Zulfiqar 1 Main Battle Tank. Several unmanned launches were made and reputedly five manned ones. The SS was more enthusiastic about the idea than the Luftwaffe and wanted 150 of the planned 200 Natters for themselves. Fortunately for the pilots, American tanks neared the launch site and the aircraft were destroyed.
Your turn to post a picture, Braeburn. I’d say it is an AMX 40. And is only operated by one country. Its numerical strength is 50,000. Each structured to accommodate different specialisations. Mmmmmhhh what do we have here?
I hope it doesn’t trip on its laces like Ethiopia. What were the 2 CGSs’ and the America doing?
Mi-35 have guns on the side unlike Mi24 . Ya boys have completed conversion classes. This guys are coming up. Uganda is heavily rearming I found tis picture in the net. The first one is an south African made Samil 100 tow truck and a type of Russia military utility truck famous in the great lake region.. For you to gain a slot in the CIA rankings you should have planned for and executed a war. Mr Crane, it could be a lot useful if you give your responses in a civil language.

Insults don’t help you to advance your ideas any better. So what is wrong with Kikuyu generals?
The only place Kenya will beat these countries is at the top ten corrupted countries in the world.
Its high times that Kenya starts taking the UPDF seriously. More to come ladies and gentlemen. Where have we implied that we were not taking UPDF seriously. So what are these lullabies about Uganda’s growing military muscle?
I don,t know from which angle your looking at this msg.
Camps are mainly logistic support centers or hubs for movement. South africa and Libya were interested to host it but were geographically knocked out. If the us was to build a training facility for counter insurgency operation then be rest assured the UPDF would have benefited from the training.
Our new apc have arrived.
My brother, what is this obsession about Kenya?
I guess Kenya must be a real concern to Uganda. Similarly there are several things that we have and you also don’t have.

The fact that you media doesn’t mention does not mean it is not there.

This is not the case in Kenya, we are a more advanced society. This is why we must collectively pull resources so as to sufficiently defend ourselves if the need arises. I don’t really see ourselves fighting one another in the foreseeable future.

Over to you Mr Flying Crane, would you rather we fought among ourselves and destroy this dream?
Ps people like crane or mzalendo are argue fanatics and don,t represent their respective countries.

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