Switzerland Graveyard Hidden | abandoned cars

Pin By Sarah B On Alexei.

The end of the road for Switzerland’s vintage car graveyard Forsaken and forlorn, these old cars decay while nature flourishes around them. Hidden away in Squirrel Cove, Canada, the rusted old car is asleep in the woods. Moss grows on the hood as nature reclaims the inside of the car. Long abandoned, the old green wreck seen above seems to be trying to survive the environment by blending into the bright green Spring landscape.

It could have had a purely utilitarian existence or it could have once been a love shack. If these stacked autos could tell their story, what in the world would it be?
They were hidden in the woods about 10 miles outside Bern, Switzerland.
Instead, 10,000 people showed up to see the classic auto graveyard.
Like the hearse, these cars seemed to represent death and empty dreams.