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Terrafugia To Show Flying Car In New York Thursday Drivers Seat WSJ

terrafugia flying car This year, though, many are likely to stick around at least until 1:35 p. m., There are hurdles one must overcome before taking to the skies in a Transition. Our blogs do not require the use of your real name.

Cell icons – 49 – 82 of about 82. I think that this is a giant step in our technology. I think that the flying car idea is amazing.
Driver’s Seat is a blog featuring news, views, and advice about cars, auto safety, driving, and transportation. If there is something that could get close to a flying car, then this is it. Since then they have been working on creating a prototype that could be driven on road as well as capable of flying.
Au existat cateva criterii la crearea acestui vehicul. Bun, dar a primit aprobari si pentru spatiul aerian?
Ceea ce va pot spune este ca mai mult de 100 de oameni au facut comenzi ferme si au si platit un avans de 10. 000 dolari. Cu aripile retractate, deci in versiunea pentru rulare pe sosea, Transition are 6 metri lungime, doi metri inaltime si 2,3 metri latine. Too Cool: Driven to Fly. It’s considered a Light Sport Aircraft. I would love to have one. The Transition is street legal and can fit into an average-sized garage.

The small plane that can transition to the highway runs on automotive gasoline, making it less expensive to maintain than an actual plane.

Terrafugia has taken in more than 100 deposits of 10,000 each for the Transition. It flies 400 miles per tank in 4 hours, fits in a single-car garage, and takes ordinary premium unleaded gasoline.