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What Would Be Your Dream Car?

For added interest, a superb 220S I spotted in Germany outside a VW …
All of the above point to a Mini with a good degree of practicality. The rear doors are also not the largest, which along with the small door aperture mean getting in and out aren’t very elegant affairs. It’s a similar story when talking about space in the back. The small windows don’t help matters much and the seats could also do with a longer squab. The neo-retro dashboard (shared with the 3 Door) is well laid out, outside visibility is good and material quality, on the whole, is fantastic. The base car comes with few features as standard, and you’ll have to pay (a lot) to have items like the beautifully presented infotainment system, heads-up display and leather seats on your car. Truth is, the Mini doesn’t do bad on performance and refinement is excellent for a three-pot motor. The engine will also rev to a satisfactory 4,500rpm in the sportiest of the driving modes. The 5 Door also handles like a Mini should.
The direct steering and sharp handling are thoroughly rewarding on a bunch of corners. Energetic through the bends, the Mini 5 Door is also very sure-footed at serious highway speeds – the longer wheelbase makes it feel even more planted than the 3 Door. By Mini experience, we specifically mean the go-kart handling that has been a hallmark of all Minis, old and new. However, if you can wait, we’d suggest you give the diesel engine a miss and hold out for the 189bhp, 2. 0-litre turbo-petrol that comes early next year. Yes, even for Rs 35 lakh.
Anything that I can afford .. Here’s some of the vehicles I’ve owned .. Always wanted one of these since I was in High School in 66. Took the chassis of an old VW bug and with no money also a VW motor. Actually, I have three of them. Oh thank God, I thought I was the only one in love with that car. Same thing I’m driving now, but two tone, luggage rack, chrome trim and the luxury interior.
I’ve never seen a two-tone Ponton. My vote goes to the Maroon and Black . I was never convinced with the two tone schemes in 180s, 190s and sometimes even the 220S. The problem lies in the fact that there is no convincing way to cut the paint tones cleanly and tend to become kind of messy in certain areas of the body. In the end its a matter of personal taste and what colour will work best on the bodystyle of the car. But Prithvi, look at it like this.. Thank you everyone for your valuable suggestions, appreciate it very much. Cream with black top is not something that I want, because I think that light colours in general do not highlight the subtle lines of the car. Amol, I appreciate your thoughts on two tones, but I look at it like this, the car is going to be painted to a very high standard, and it’s going to be fairly expensive.

Yes, my car will have the chrome dividing strips on the beltline, and your wrong about the options, I have seen a 180 in the US which had this option and was fitted by the dealer. Here are 3 colour choices that I’ve zeroed in on for my car, with a lot of help from Photo-shop. Amol, I appreciate your thoughts on two tones, but I look at it like this, the car is going to be painted to a very high standard, and it’s going to be fairly expensive.

At the outset let me complement you on the way you are going about things with this restoration – mighty impressive.

I do echo Amol’s concerns. An important aspect to me of the look of a restored car is how period it looks. The colour options too are not the regular ones – black with blue or green tops were very scarcely offered.
Eventually it boils down of course to your personal preference, but since you are trying so hard to get your car so close to original, why choose a different colour option, which plays such a major part?
Its the same school of thought applied to the rest of the car too right?
Well, Karl, if someone as knowledgeable as you are not alright with the colour, then I will have to reconsider. Amol, I value your thoughts too. The slightest ripple down the ample flanks will ruin the car. So after serious debating, I am now down to 4 choices, none unique, all single tone, original DB paint options. They might not all be pontons pictured, you will have to imagine the colour on a ponton. So please look at these carefully, and then let me have all the great feed back possible.

I love the green, That was my choice from day one for your car. The 190 Trims I agree may have been put by certain dealers to bling up the 180 but that was certainly not a factory option. That having been said are you using Standox or ICI paints?
Nice pic, but this green is a pastel green, much softer, whereas mine is deeper. Agreed, green with black webasto top, very light tan upholstery, and matching dark tan carpets. Coming to the trims, yes you are right, they were never offered by the factory as options, but they were offered by dealers. PS: I am uploading some more pics of the car she was a very original car that came up for sale on ebay about 4 yrs go. Lovely lovely car, and now in this pic the shade looks greener. Attached are some more pics of other cars, of slightly deeper shades, though I like the one on the 220 the best. I would say the green coloured one posted by Amol is one awesome looking.
I do echo Amol’s concerns. Please see the original Ponton Paint charts for reference.

Am also very delighted to see that MB has featured the humble 4 cylinder Ponton in their promo for their new E-Class. I disagree with you on what you said above.

Wow, that is quite a range.

Of course I stand corrected, though I still prefer a single tone colour – why?
Pictured here are are the 16 new rubber washers/seals required for the front suspension which have just arrived from Bangalore.

Suspension re-assembly will start after I give these.

Wiring will also start soon. Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) You shall be Missed .