GMC DUKW Amphibious 2 1/2 ton 6x6 Photo Gallery

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GMC DUKW Amphibious 2 1/2 ton 6×6 Photo Gallery The Quartermaster Museum has a large collection of Quartermaster related photos. If you visit Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle or any other city situated on a river (or harbor or lake), you may see amphibious buses driving groups of tourists down the streets and then splashing into the water to continue the journey. The “D” simply meant model year 1942, the “U” stood for “utility,” and the “KW” means that it had driven front wheels and dual powered rear axles. At first, the military was unimpressed by the strange vehicle, but a prototype version was able to prove its mettle when some nearby Coast Guardsmen ran aground a sandbar in rough weather. Partly due to these requirements, many Duck tours today use new vehicles that are inspired by the original DUKW, but built with the safety and comfort of sightseers in mind.
More great info and photos at olive-drab. com. What to do in St. And some of them are still hard at work. GMC produced 21,137 from 1942 to 1945 for the U. S. I have been on the London Duck Tour. Wikipedia lists some 30 different locations World wide where there are Duck Tours. There are lots of these doing tourist duty in Wisconsin Dells. I remember going on a Duck tour on a family vacation to the Dells in 1987 or 1988. They also see tourist duty here as the Halifax harbour hopper. Why do you think so few Americans come to Canada now?
I saw one or two of these in London in May, have seen them elsewhere too, but had no idea they were old. There are a couple doing canal and river tours on the Gold Coast- good fun. The Sea Fair Pirates have one.

Searles also have the Sea Monster . One of the few that were not breached and left on the shores of Vietnam. Its the only one in commercial use.

There has been a recent spate of sinkings involving these things. Others have been withdrawn pending some evidence that they are slightly more seaworthy than a colander. This photo will give some idea of how large the BARC is. Second height would require some simple form of fastening to prevent dislodgement. Watkins, 0-484295, Stevedore Training Officer. View showing placement of six standard stretchers on floor of DUKW amphibious truck, 2 1/2-ton 6×6. Trucks and jeeps load while troops advance inland.’ Halftracks and 2 1/2-ton DUKW amphibian trucks are already on the beach, and in the background men march in columns southward toward the bluffs.’ Plunging through waist-deep water, Marine assault troops make for the beach at Tinian, 25 July 1944. Shore Party Officer in foreground directing the operation. DUKW in water to the right.’ The Goliath was a radio controlled mini tank that let the user remain under cover while sending explosives into enemy lines. In foreground, an empty Rhino is undergoing repairs on its return trip. A DUKW is in the water between. Lewis was the designated driver for his district. View of approximately 140 vehicles (CCKW?) A much smaller DUKW is to the right. February 19, 1945: The first landings on Iwo Jima. Guam was considered cleared by August 12, 1944, but parts of the island were still dangerous half a year later. May 1944: The first wave of U. S. They are in their traditional dress for a tribal ceremony at Christmastime.

DUKW landing in the Philipines

The DUKW amphibious truck.
A US Army 2.5 ton supply truck with a boat hull.

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