sold my car to buy an iPad
sold my car to buy an iPad I know, it sounds crazy. June 2004 I moved to Utah to go to the school of my dreams. I lived on campus that summer. A few weeks in to my new Utah experience I met a guy, and said guy had a car. A few dates in this guy became my boyfriend, and things got serious pretty fast. But I had no money. I wanted something sporty and snazzy, but he said something practical and inexpensive was smarter. I paid off the car in less than a year, and we (mostly he) drove that thing into the ground.
I remember going out to lunch in the St. But we kept pushing our little faithful Corolla to stay with us. Side by side there was no question, our new Honda was worlds better, smoother, and much more appealing than our Corolla. Eventually her paint started to show her age, and her pieces started falling apart. Finally, after more than seven years of marriage, an opportunity presented itself and it was time for an upgrade.

For a few weeks we had three cars. Given all of her per-existing conditions we decided it would be best to list her for 900 on Craigslist. Within minutes we had a dozen emails. My husband went down the list and the first person to answer came to get her for 900. What are we doing with the other half of the money?
I came across a blog post I wrote years ago, not long after I got married.
I went on and on about how crazy I thought people were for getting married and having kids right after being so young.
I said how I wanted to at least finish school first, have a degree or two. On the air, I’m a part-time news reporter and anchor.