Race BMW   Engine | stickers

Micro Race Coupe: 1964 BMW 70 0 S.

1557 cars for sale in warren ohio The car is definitely a big project, but appears to be mostly complete.

The remnants of old race stickers and paint, if genuine, are especially cool. The paint is definitely worn, showing scars from both years of racing and years of storage.

Inside, there is much work to be done.

If the car is to remain on the track, it might not be an issue.

This car deserves to be raced.
In every transaction, parts, bits and information about original owners etc. Lauren, do you by chance have the Ebay ID number?
You can get or make everything for these cars, no problem. I had one of these back in the late 60s. Mine had been raced -had holes from roll-bar mounts- and after the dipstick blew out on the highway and the engine seized I rebuilt it with about 50HP. They are fun to drive though, I love my cabrio. Does he still live in Sunnyvale?
It did not take too much time to get it running but the master cylinder was bad and it was not fun to drive using the emergency brake to stop the car. I always loved the way the engine started, it has something called Dynastart which entailed the starter used the dynamo coils and the flywheel to start the engine.

I sold mine for about a thousand dollars in 2000 and the car was taken to Japan and that took a long time to sell. There are some cool clips of these on youtube that are worth checking out. One of the reasons it probably stopped racing was in 1966 SCCA raised the displacement limit to 1000cc for D sedan. Plus they put them in the VW class for hill climbs and slaloms in Calif. It was very cool and drew a crowd wherever it went. There is surely an owners group out there somewhere that would be glad to help bring it back to life.

Actually mine is in great shape, and ready to race this summer. These are simply fun from a historical POV, and really only suited for tooling around in. This is a real minimal machine, biggest wear item regardless of how driven, is the 4 rubber donuts connecting the trans to halfshafts to rear wheels. It is red, too, and also has racing stickers and a rollbar, but is more complete than the one on ebay. He is going to put it back on the road.
Of course the charlatan in me thinks back to my days with my R1100s motorcycle.

You want to be the only one of a certain car type?

, How gorgeous is that Beemer?