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HydroBOB Puts The Scooter Underwater Video SlashGear

Share this article: For those with no diving experience, or who don’t know how to swim, Andrew Sneath has created an underwater vehicle just for you. As we said above, the ride doesn’t seem to be all that smooth, but we imagine that it could probably be a lot worse.

Lauderdale, Florida, where you can rent your very own for 25 per hour. A grainy sonar image captured off an uninhabited tropical island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati might represent the remains of the Electra. Artificial islands made of recylced plastics with soil and plants on top are being used to gobble nitrates and phosphates, denying those nutriets to algae.

Petrobras already owns virtual reality laboratories where engineers can inspect 3D images of oil fields. The magnitude 9 earthquake that struck Japan on March 11 created a tsunami that killed thousands of people.

The buoy sends a signal to a satellite, which then relays the signal to listening posts on land.
Interested in a career in the oceans?
Space is limited, so register in advance.

Become a famous film director. Deadline for submissions is January 28, 2011. Despite growing awareness of the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, little solid scientific information has existed about the nature and scope of the issue.

Nearly 85 percent of the 29 million gallons of petroleum that enter North American ocean waters each year as a result of human activities comes from land-based runoff, polluted rivers, airplanes, and small boats and jet skis, while less than 8 percent comes from tanker or pipeline spills. Natural seeps from rocks below the sea floor. Consumption, which includes runoff from land and oil from marine boating and jet skis in coastal waters. After competing in their respective regional competitions in March and February, these 25 high schools traveled to St. Watkins who started the NOSB program in 1997. It carries with its own small forest on top its back and supports places for users to live and works in its depths. And boot up your laptops. Or watch four friends engineer a giant 12-foot-pig puppet for a May Day Parade.

The prize for the winning Jingle is 500 (and knowing that your Jingle will be heard and sung by hundreds of thousands of science enthusiasts across the country). Students receive free passes to the Friday exhibits at 6 p. m. The group seeks to evaluate potential for recycling the debris, particularly the decomposing plastics. Experts claim cleanup efforts would not only be extensive and expensive, but logistically difficult due to the ultraviolet rays breaking the plastic into molecular strains difficult to detect with satellites or the naked eye.

The Nereus engineering team knew that, to reach these depths, a tethered robot using traditional technologies would be prohibitively expensive to build and operate.

Nereus brings approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) of cable in two canisters the size of large coffee cans that spool out the fiber as needed.
Another weight-saving advance of the vehicle is its use of ceramic spheres for flotation, rather than the much heavier traditional syntactic foam used on vehicles like the submersible Alvin or the ROV Jason. What can you see from space that you can only see with a microscope?
The answer is humble plankton. The white coccoliths that form them are tiny, just a few thousandths of a millimeter wide.

In the future, natural gas derived from chunks of ice that workers collect from beneath the ocean floor and beneath the arctic permafrost may fuel cars, heat homes, and power factories. Rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the resulting effects on ocean water are making it increasingly difficult for coral reefs to grow, say scientists. Over the last 55 million years, global climate has varied dramatically from extreme warmth to glacial cold.
When using a new ocean exploring feature of Google Earthm an engineer from the U. K. An inventor from Georgia, U. S. A., The web site also has paper cutouts for creating a dumbo octopus, a vent crab and several fishes. Beyond that, apps will also be provided for A4000i owners that are free of charge, which will be initially offered as beta software.

The company plans to sell 2000 units of the scooters, with global sales anticipated to hit 100,000 by the end of 2015. The power is provided via a lithium-ion battery, which is removable and has a reported life span of up to 50,000 kilometers. The A4000i scooters will undergo mass production starting this upcoming December at a factory in Vietnam, with global sales of the motor bike beginning in the same month. I always figured that the unicycle was the invention of a man who was into self mutilation. The training wheels in this case are a pair of rollerblades. The thing comes in sizes for adults, teens, and kids and has a 500W electric motor with a 36V battery in the adult version. It takes four hours to charge the thing fully. The mobility scooters out there are pretty cool in their own right. For one Colin Furze, a British plumber, he must have had the same idea, because he decided to build the world’s fastest scooter “for a laugh.” Furze decided on the 125cc gas engine from a motorcycle, and retrofitted it onto the scooter. Furze is no different, as he’s said that his next step is to take the scooter to a drag strip and test its speed there.

For those with no diving experience, or who don’t know how to swim, Andrew Sneath has created an underwater vehicle just for you. As we said above, the ride doesn’t seem to be all that smooth, but we imagine that it could probably be a lot worse.

It’s just not the same without you, truth be told.
A bit of flashy gold goodness, some technological ridiculousness, and some deep space science that may just surprise you. For what it’s worth, we’re sure that it can get the job done with its unlocked bad-self, but there’s just not enough specifications to make us excited about this thing.
CPU, and it’s got a 5-inch touchscreen. One of the more troubling parts of law enforcement, is a police officer that has to be pulled out of the field to take a suspect back and go through the ordeal of fingerprinting them. It’s being tested by 28 police departments right now, so hopefully it goes over well, and it becomes adopted globally. But, what makes it even more unsafe, is the fact that you steer the Taurus Concept by leaning to the right and left, and you brake by leaning backwards. When we saw the images of this, we thought they were fake.

But, a millionaire created it. And that’s really half the battle, isn’t it?
And by old, we mean ancient. From what we can see, the Qualcomm MSM7×30 platform is ridiculously fast and fluid.
Considering the fact that the icons on the screen are moving about over the waves, along with the full-screen bubbles floating around in the background, along with the depth of the ocean changing, just make it look ridiculous. Or, that could just be our hopes and dreams. Sometimes, only sometimes, we can understand why some people have uncontrollable road rage.

Apparently, he’s tired of being tail-gated by other angry British drivers. The one he drives around town, when he’s getting groceries and the like.

So, should you be afraid the next time you land in Lincolnshire?
For one, it’s a moped.
But, even if you can’t, law enforcement officials have thankfully deemed the entire flame-throwing rig illegal, so Fruze won’t be driving it around any time soon. Because, well, they are fantastic. Even though one of your longest-lived dreams might be to own a yard, sometimes you don’t always get the big one.

This is just a concept right now, designed by Vicky Petihovski, but we can definitely label this one a winner. What you see is what you get. So, while you may still be standing up to reduce the grass in your kingdom, at least you’re not walking.
So, here’s your best option. This person ran away from the UK in 2010 and took all valuable assets from Hydrodome ltd and left the company behind, empty with debts. The yellow apparatus is currently available to rent at Ft.

An underwater scooter

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