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Sponsored Content Not sure what this is. This is a 1945 Roadster chopped and made into a van. We haven’t done a blog along the line of this one for a while now but once we caught wind of this we had to do a quick blog on it. It was once said that these people are not just modifying their cars, it is a stand against society. Their own little stand against the World around them. This amazing van has apparently been doing a tour of the custom van shows all over the USA for years now. It took seven years for Rishel to see the latter come to fruition. Those were all essentially one-time, limited-access affairs, however. Brizio, whose father, Andy, won the AMBR in 1970 and who himself won it in 1987, knows a thing or two about building top-shelf hot rods. Seeking some variety at a hot rod and custom car show?
Standing out from the other nine drop-tops however, is the paint. Bonneville streamliner, the aforementioned Barracuda, and garages full of one-better-than-the-next collection of ultra-clean high performance street cars. Poteet sets a new standard with every car he builds. The flat green was first on its own, but what really caught my eye were the great brown and gold tones around this year. Next, the brownish-gold color of this Forties Ford pickup is classic, yet different. Finally, there was a heavy-hitting 1941 Ford Panel with brown paint and what looked like a three-quarter-ton chassis underneath. The competition is fierce every year, bringing in the finest cars from all over, but usually that means all over California. Last week, we brought news of a couple events celebrating the anniversaries of a couple noteworthy cars in hot rod and custom history. The show will take place January 23-25 at the L. A. I disagree with your assertion about TV. The local ford dealer has been running ads like this, featuring different cars out of the 60’s.. But it does look great.

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