Vintage Race Car Crash Great vintage race cars and

Lexington Racecar, Washington DC, 1920 Or 1921.

Vintage Race Car Crash Great vintage race cars and When or where did it all begin?
Crazy Tiki Tattoo – wicked sick. In 1946, a number of high ranking military officials celebrated the detonation of the largest atomic bomb ever tested by the U. S. Lowry cut a cake made in the shape of a mushroom cloud at a reception for Operation Crossroads, November 6, 1946. Seattle Seahawks tailgate party, Kingdome, circa 1978 (20 years of season tickets.) Because their secondary has the best nickname in the NFL. In 1920 a new name flashed across the American Automobile world.
The first race was held in 1915 and the American Automobile Association sponsored the race starting in 1920. Why are we obsessed with robots?
Above, winner of Pikes Peak. Everyone loves a big diamond right?
Can a 1929 school bus be restored?
Looks like they drove straight back home to take the photo.

Vintage racing car – Pikes Peak.

Black White Grey and Shorpy

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Shorpy Historical Photo Archive: : Pike’s Peak Champion: 1920