Painted Desert Coach | antique

Passenger Train At Yesterland

The Painted Desert coach is one of six coaches of the Passenger Train.
The Freight Train fits right in with the rustic look of Frontierland.
I have a suggestion for you. Your nonstop ride goes all the way around the park. Even though most of the route is served by a single track, there are track switches and sidings that make it possible for trains to pass each other. Finally, you return to Main Street Station. The two trains might have looked like well-restored antique trains, but they were brand new in 1955. The yellow coaches of the Passenger Train operated at Disneyland until 1974. There have been many changes over the years. And, of course, the scenery from the train changed as Disneyland changed.
What about the original Freight Train?
The Freight Train was modified so that passengers are no longer behind cattle car slats. And what happened to the yellow Passenger Train coaches after 1974?
Then, in 1995, Disneyland worked out a trade with Bill Norred, a railroad enthusiast. The Norred family kept the combination car. The Pacific Coast Railroad is restoring the coaches. The car is no longer yellow. Photo of locomotive and back of parlor car: Charles R.