Two Tone Paint Job With Factory Silver On Top And House Of Colors
Two Tone Paint Job With Factory Silver On Top And House Of Colors Member created and Member approved. These pads are available from supporting vendor Zeckhausen Racing.
With the right pads, correct installation, and proper bedding, your brakes can be virtually dust free and quiet and your expensive rotors can last much longer. Anti-squeal paste (CRC brand, Permatex brand, etc.) Even if you do everything right, the seals in a floor jack can fail suddenly and without warning.
Before jacking up the car, make sure the ignition is off, the car is in PARK, and the parking brake is applied.
The jack can be rolled under the car from the front, or at an angle from behind the front wheels. Once the car is up, remove the wheel nuts with a 21mm socket and set the wheel aside.

Turn the steering wheel to the right (when working on driver’s side caliper) so you can better see what you are doing.
Pull the pads out of the caliper. Reinstall the wheel and hand tighten the wheel nuts with a torque wrench to factory specs (100 lb-ft). After the car is in the air, remove the wheel nuts and set the wheel aside.

In one stroke, the pads are pushed apart and all four pistons retracted.
Insert the new pads into the caliper. Reinstall wheel and tighten the wheel nuts to 100 lb-ft. After several pumps, the brakes should become firm again. This does not need to be done right away. At first, the brakes will feel weak and possibly slightly spongy. Just installed new front/back pads.