1962 Ford Seattle ite XXI There were many amazing things shown

Ford Seattleite: One Of Historys Most Significant Concept Cars

1962 Ford Seattle ite XXI There were many amazing things shown … Concept cars attempt to predict the future, demonstrating new technologies to make our lives safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.

The interchangeable power units included fuel cells and the possibility of “compact nuclear propulsion devices.” A styling experiment like Seattle-ite, with its many forward-looking features, could lead to exciting new concepts of styling, comfort and safety.” All controls would be conducted through a flexible coupling that would simply plug into the passenger compartment. Ford stylists believe this would greatly enhance tracking, traction, and braking efficiency.” Virtually effortless fingertip steering would allow accurate “zeroing in” at all speeds. The benefits of four front wheels are many and were first encapsulated in 1962 by the Ford Seattle-ite stylists’ belief they would “greatly enhance tracking, traction, and braking efficiency.” Future Car from the 60’s. Check out this awesome bright red double-decker bus that does push-ups with a pair of giant robot arms. Image provided by General Motors. New 789 Chevy Thought you might enjoy looking at this unusual Chevy. Dymaxion 1933 concept car invented by Buckminster Fuller. This picture is very simular to one taken at a shop that my grandfather used to frequent when he raced with NASCAR. It housed an engine that weighed 9,500 pounds and operated at 810bhp, brake horsepower or the power that actually reaches the wheels. Jay Leno is the current owner of this unique custom car. Imagine a world where plutonium powered cars could travel long distances without refuelling (thanks to a steam powered engine and on-board nuclear reactor). Enjoy a slice of my northside life. Ford Seattle concept custom car picture. The scarlet fiberglas body and all-glass roof 1953 XL-500 had pushbutton transmission in the steering wheel, telephone and dictaphone and automatic jacks that lifted it for repairs. My Dad has a copy of this pic in his photo album. Bugatti Type 41 Royale- One of six made.

Future Car from the 60’s.Still looks futuristic.


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1962 Ford Seattle concept car

1963 Ford Seattle-ite XXI