The Worst Car Designs Ever (59 pics)

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The Worst Car Designs Ever (59 pics) For the first time in 30 years, Ford has offered a turbo-charged Mustang.
Both these super cars have made waves around the world for the past 12 years. Cars, especially performance cars, are pitted against each other almost everyday. However, its not everyday that the two cars being put up against each other is, well, basically-sort-of the same car. On a farm in France, in a deserted, run-down barn, an amazing discovery was recently made.

Sure, there may have been other Batmobiles before this one or Batmobile-inspired cars, this specific one is the earliest known officially licensed Batmobile.

So then why not combine these two fun activities into one?

Nevertheless, fear and equipment aside, a couple of guys actually managed to pull of a stunt that involves a wakeboard and a Ferrari F50. The bonnet is flared over the wheels and dipped in the center, creating a v-shaped air wedge over the vehicle, and it slopes gently up to the flush-mounted windshield to press the front axle firmly down on the road.
Instead of door handles, the Lambo-style switchblade doors tilt upwards at the press of a button. There’s no practical need for a car like this. My ultimate dream car I hope to someday own. The newer Pagani Huayra only 1. 3 million dollars. Speed excites me in more ways than one.

Dark, menacing, and yet soooooo smooth. Ford Mad Max Interceptor – check out those wheels. I think they are trying to re-create a scene from the Lion King.
But which car is the most expensive?

2008 Weber Sportscar

Mooi weber sportcars lambo doors~ this pic just made me stop and look~ this car kinda has a ‘take no crap” look to it

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