ok so this isnt one from our neighborhood fleet, but its damn near

Its Fall.
Can We Give The Ghettoass Ice Cream Truck A Break Now?

ok so this isn’t one from our neighborhood fleet, but it’s damn near … The creepy ice cream truck comes by daily here in the summer time.

I have never witnessed anyone, ANYONE buying product from these trucks. Call me insane, but I confronted the “ice cream man” (who looked like a back-woods child molester btw) one day. I don’t eat it, it looks 4 years old and has melted and been re-frozen 10 times. I don’t want that creepy ice cream man/undercover agent to know where I live.

I think Google Earth street view seems the perfect fit. The music is so creepy as well. It makes me think of horror movies. Can anyone vouch or see where I am coming from?
How would you react if someone comes to you out of blue asking you these questions?
I am surprised the guy didn’t smack you for this. I don’t think so buddy. So where would the camera be on the ice cream truck?
I really think this thread is supposed to be sarcastic. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ice cream trucks are creepy too, but not enough to make a conspiracy about it. Oh, and since when has your the man now dog been a reliable source for accurate pictures?
London, August 29, 2009 — Ice cream trucks, the ubiquitous roaming purveyors of frozen dessert products that infest suburban neighbourhoods around the world, announcing their arrival using strident, uniformly irritating off-pitch melodies, have been found in a recent study to be a leading international cause of insanity. Did anyone here participate in the project?
Dude, do you get thrown out of places often?

I really hope so too. They are watching us all . It isn’t often (in fact – never) that I claim to be experiencing disturbed feelings because of an odd thread, but this would be one of those times. I’m surprised you weren’t told where to go, for being so rude.

I don’t believe you are though, but nice try. Advance to the nearest safe house.

He claims over 114 hits, and he said the Ice cream Truck was perfect. How did they know?

I am on google earth with my central digit raised.
I hope you can see it because I’m doing it as hard as I can. The car was a 1990ish chevy beretta. Not an ice cream truck loaded with spooks. Yes I too have seen the google street cars. The man seriously looked taken aback by my sudden (no one ever approaches the truck) accusations. I also have ratted out state troopers at a local multi-day music festival. I noticed the couple camped next to us just didn’t quite fit in. He was dressed like a character out of some bad film about the 1960s. I got a reaction from them I can only describe as shock. I then played a game with these poor undercover saps. I had to give up some names. The fact I have seen that same man in close proximity to the local trooper station since then solidifies my assertion. They need to train and prepare these guys better. I’m just a lowly guy w/a knack for sniffin’ out people that don’t fit in — along with being a natural actor. Call me paranoid — but I know when I smell dead fish. Here’s another song I’ve been working on. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.