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06/15/12 16:30: Friday Would Not Be Complete Without These 15 … These are things just pulled randomly off of the web. Oh the skills of a master carpenter. Four hinges make it sturdy while opening and closing and it even has a lock on it to protect the valuable things that typically go in the trunk. If this guy had a saw and a hammer maybe he could have done as well as the guy above did.
When you go rolling down the city streets in your Mercedes-Benz you need to represent. You can tell people it was sculpted by Salvador Dali. Then all you have to do is pull one rope, and pull the other rope, then repeat over and over again until it stops raining.
Also, make sure that as you are driving and pulling the ropes back and forth that you keep your speed up so that less rain can blow into your open side windows. In most small fender benders, you know, the kind where the vehicle only gets a little banged up and is by no means disabled.
The problem with a broken headlight is that the bulb will usually still come on, but as soon as it gets wet it will burn out. The bulb can be put inside the jar and the opening taped off. The controls for the heater are extremely important. Since hot coolant is a lot like hot water forget about getting the factory heater control parts, those are of course, too expensive.

The outside door handle is just a lever that lifts a rod connected to the latch down inside the door. These tires can be expensive so it might be cheaper for you to get an old garden hose and wrap it around the rim enough times so the hose will touch the ground.
The Subaru Outback is a rugged, outdoorsy wagon for people that love being outdoors, love mother nature, and love all things biodegradable.

Then steal some felled timber and a few chains from some lumber jacks that your are protesting against and fashion your self a new bumper that not only looks rugged and natural, but is biodegradable and helps the car blend in much more easily with the forest. It’s a rear view mirror. This Chevy/Geo Metro is a one of a kind thanks to the creativity and resorsfulness of one individual. At least it has four doors so that you can still take a few kids along when you go to buy a load of bricks for the retaining wall that you are building in your back yard.
An exhaust leak is something that can happen on any car, and it can make itself known rather suddenly. Make sure you use a couple of radiator hose clamps to seal the deal. A broken control arm can be a real problem. The old leather belt that you used to use to hold up your pants up should also be able to hold up that back tire as it keeps that broken control arm from falling apart. Made from space age polymers, zip ties are are super tough, very high tech, and adjust to the shape of anything.
Numbers mean things, and so do letters. No better cure for a lazy Wednesday than a #funnycats video. Make new friends who share your interests. Sharing just for the giggle.

Giant grasshopper shot near Miles City, Montana. Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937. The most dangerous hike in the world: Mt. And this is the easy part. Would you travel to Finland for the annual beer floating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish) event?
Bucket list – The annual beer floating event near Helsinki, Finland.
When you arrive at the airport, make sure you end up in the right queue.. A 6-foot-tall kitchen utensil appeared at an intersection this week in Carlsbad, California. Tin of chocolate worm cakes London, ca. In the early 20th century, children were regularly fed ‘worm cakes’ to keep tapeworms at bay. Broken cars: o (Car fails.)

Yes. that is a Colorado plate and a Subaru.
Only in CO.

It’s kind of a funny story.

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Some people will do anything to avoid putting bumper stickers on their car

Paul Bunyan’s car repair: -D