17 Classic Motorcycles From the Harley Davidson Museum Grand Opening

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17 Classic Motorcycles From the Harley Davidson Museum Grand Opening With more than 108 years of history, Harley-Davidson is bound to have some interesting pieces buried deep in its Archives. The never-before-seen prototype bikes that were created as concepts but never manufactured or sold are sure to get bikers and engineering enthusiasts talking.
This 10-foot-long canvas-covered spruce sled is one example of the many uses found for Harley-Davidson motors over the years. The sleds were powered by Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines – some of these engines came from owners’ motorcycles that weren’t being used in the cold winter months in the Midwest. This ¾ scale chopper replica is made entirely from leather, from the wheels to the frame to the headlight. The piece was handmade in 2000 by artisans from Red Moon, a Japanese company that specializes in leather products. This 8-ft, 8,000-lb electrical transformer helped power the Harley-Davidson factory (now its corporate headquarters) in Milwaukee from 1913 through the 1990s. The program begins at 7 p. m. Please note: Interview opportunities and images are available upon request. Looking for small early 70s birch white tour pack.

King Kong Harley.
One of a kind,2 complete engines & 2 complete transmissions 4 pipes & 2 sets of handlebars.Over 13 ft.

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