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This Ford Crown Victoria has noticed other drivers slowing down and … Athletic Commission seem more like a kangaroo court than it did on Monday. I had to educate him about business. I love to ponder what in the World were they thinking?& Surely one of your clever readers can figure that one out?
Come on Jay, and Bears, you can do it guys, tis the moment. I shall never look at you the same.

Thank you for not taking a picture of my plates and posting it. I would never throw you under the bus. Plus I love ur plates. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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But you don’t need to worry, as you will not always have to make sure that you will employ such expensive methods, as the spray will get to be enough for you. So, as the camera will get to have the flash triggered, the photo will immediately become overexposed.
The ones that have delved into using this spray are people that have never been photographed successfully again and they are very happy that the spray will last on their plate numbers for two months. You can also use the help of Speed Camera Detectors to protect you from traffic cameras. If you are someone that will love to make sure that pictures are impossible to take with your plate number, then this is the spray that you need to buy. You will see that there are a few types of sprays on the market and you can try them all and see how effective each of them are.

When you will want to buy it, you will need to make sure that you will get it from a popular manufacturer. Ummmmmmmm–that would be a NO. See the coolest licence plates in the world.

Not Cop…the way all white cars that aren’t cops should be marked. Save me a lot of time.

Not An Unmarked Police Car Vanity Plate…seems legit

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