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Didgori Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Georgian Armed Forces presents during the military parade in Tbilisi … Didgori is a multirole vehicle that can be deployed in intelligence missions, convoy operations and troop transportation on the battlefield.
Didgori is produced in two variants, Didgori 1 and Didgori 2. Didgori 1 was designed by a famous car designer from Georgia Zviad Tsikolia. The Georgian manufacturers employed advanced armour technology to improve the performance of the vehicle in mine resistance, armour quality and ruggedness. The driver and commander can enter the vehicle through doors provided on the either side of the vehicle.

A spare wheel is fitted to the right side of the vehicle.

The Didgori is equipped with thermal cameras for the crew members. Didgori 1 is armed with an M134D 7. 62mm minigun mounted on manually operated weapon station. Didgori 2 is mounted with an NSV 12. 7mm heavy machine gun. The bottom of the vehicle is fitted with armour integrating the sandwich multilayer system. The armoured personnel carrier can withstand a 6kg blast under any wheel. The tyres have an extra layer of protection to resist up to ten rounds. The Didgori is equipped with modern communications equipment and systems. A 10W Harris radio system enables the crew to communicate within 11km radius. A Goa escort agency helps you meet amazing women. Tbilisi escorts and striptease clubs. Political demonstrations occur occasionally in Georgia, especially in Tbilisi. There has been a marked escalation in violence in Yemen where at least 30 people have been killed in two separate incidents. The “Fast Road” system is the next generation of technology for battlefield management systems in tanks.