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Dealers Investigated For Cash For Clunkers Fraud 94 Million At Stake AutoGuide News

Description Auto scrapyard 1 While NHTSA says that most of the dealers are legitimate, but noted that some fines have been as large as 21,000. If the mileage of the new car is at least 4 mpg higher than the old vehicle, the voucher will be worth 3,500. New small trucks or SUVs with mileage of at least 18 mpg are eligible for vouchers. New large trucks (pick-ups and vans weighing between 6,000 and 8,500 pounds) with mileage of at least 15 mpg are eligible for vouchers. Funding for the bill will come from redirected recovery funds. This bill would put every charity car donation program in the nation out of business since the amount of the voucher would be much greater than the tax deduction. The charity would then junk the car in accordance with the bill. I have a 1984 dodge Ram Van. Until the bill has actually been passed by both the Senate and the House, there is no way of knowing if you are eligible or not. The Cars For Clunkers legislation is actually very focused and is only available for a limited four month time frame.

Get approved for a car loan before you shop. Around 5% of new vehicles already include some form of embedded technology inside.

By 2017, every new car sold in Europe will be required to have an embedded SIM and built-in emergency calling features. Every connected vehicle will likely have a built-in SIM to take you online.

However, where there is connectivity, there is a vulnerable endpoint, and these must be protected.
As cars become more connected, they will become a new golden paradise to hackers. Just because these things haven’t happened yet doesn’t mean they won’t, and all concerned must wake up and put protection in place.

As car components become more electronically aware, they are likely to become more expensive, as will car service and repair. As the technology evolves, there’s every chance that your car will be used to hit you with parking enforcement notices and/or speeding fines. Will we see vehicles automatically submitting to checks simply because their registered owner lives life in a different skin tone?
We know when you’re doing it. Smart cars must offer a quick and easy way to delete all this information, even remotely. And what are the consequences of remotely immobilizing a stolen vehicle when it is running at top speed down a crowded freeway?
Samsung’s throwing another phablet into the ring, but this one’s curved on both sides. Car crusher – WIKI 2. A Ford van being crushed in St. Car crushers have been popular in films as devices of murder or humour. On the ground, Marcus Blackwell and a mobster are watching.
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