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Navy Ordered To Drop LCS Fleet By 20 Ships.

Description USS Independence LCS 2 at pierce Once again, you make some great points. You are absolutely correct – well said.
I, once again, agree completely with you. It’s not clear to me how this works against my central theme.

Yet again, I completely agree with you. Taken in context, Table 2 of the CBO letter does not support your statement. No argument with your call for scrutiny of Navy estimates. On point (2), you need to read the CRS report further. Your explanation of the down-select strategy is absolutely correct – well said.
This, of course, includes the original LCS-3 that was under contract with the Lockheed team. Each of the first four was essentially bought as a unique item. The problem with the LCS for general escort duties is that they are constrained by their mission packs. I believe the LCS can fulfill great roles in the lotroals, and may be able to fulfill a couple of those roles for escort duties when outfitted with the appropriate mission pack. Anyhow, the OHPs in their day had that capability and were good vessels. Oh well, I fellow can have his goody bag wish I suppose.

The US Coast Guard is currently upgrading itself with these new cutters, three differents sizes, which have very modern comms and sensors, and better armament all around.
Long endurance drones have caught the eye of naval leaders, and well, pretty much all military officials for their ability to collect intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). I’m working on a 400ft SWATH hull. What would it be classified as?
What’s the diameter of the cannon in the front?
The carrier is way overarmed and won’t have nearly enough space for all of the stuff you’re trying to cram into it. It shouldn’t need landing craft or submarines. The landing craft would be useless without troops to land, which would take up a huge amount of space.

Even then, I would not favor the VLS because it requires deck space somewhere, and that’s space not being used for air operations, which is the entire reason the carrier exists to begin with. That’s the job of the escorting battlegroup. Based on size, you seem to have your frigates and cruisers backwards. The Braunschweig works as listed.
It’s plausible you have more stored in the Hangar Bay and somehow have a method of deploying them, but most carriers don’t bother with such a thing as they are used for pilot-recovery. For crew, your carrier will need probably around 3,000, perhaps as few as 2,500 if you’re using more automation and such along with the rest of your PMT stuff. Unless you’re using some new type of Active stealth system, your first sub is, while pretty, rather silly in shape.

The second looks a bit small to be using a nuclear-power system. Twelve AW15 30mm automated defense guns. Independence is on the way to Norfolk, Va., About 12 billion has been appropriated by Congress so far for 20 vessels. Production of the first modified vessels wouldn’t begin until well into the next president’s administration. Too funny, but oh, so true.

If you asked the majority of the mindless morons who voted for Obama (not once, but twice), what they thought of him today, I wonder what they would say. What in the hell is wrong with you people?
I choose the Red White and Blue.

Those of you who elected these people, you know who you are. Giant bulkhead doors in the bow of the craft look like they’re meant to just explode open.

The Navy’s newest littoral combat ship USS Independence (LCS 2) arrives at Mole Pier at Naval Air Station Key West.
Independence is on the way to Norfolk, Va., for commencement of initial testing and evaluation of the aluminum vessel before sailing to its homeport in San Diego.
Independence is a fast, agile, mission-focused ship specifically designed to defeat “anti-access” threats in shallow, coastal water regions, including surface craft, diesel submarines and mines.

USS Independence LCS-2 Key West, Florida May 29, 2010 – 5″ x 7″ Photograph

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USS Independence LCS-2 at pierce.

delivered to the Navy at the end of 2009, is a high-speed, small-crew corvette (although the U.S.
Navy does not use the term) intended for operation in the littoral zone.
It can swap out various systems to take on various missions, including finding and destroying mines, hunting submarines in and near shallow water, and fighting small boats (it is not intended to fight warships).

USS Independence LCS-2 …
USS Independence (LCS-2) is the lead ship for the Independence class of littoral combat ships.She will be the sixth ship of the United States Navy to be named for the concept of independence.
The design was produced by the General Dynamics consortium for the Navy’s LCS program, and competes with the Lockheed Martin-designed Freedom class.