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Makin’ You Sick – Clint’s Pepto Pink Frontier I just mailed (paper filing) I-765 for renewal of EAD. The reason I ask is that I strongly believe that if this bill were to taken on by the senate then our friendly senators like Specter might include some relief for us. The ability to pay is for I-140, not for AOS. The correct answer would be differed on the basis of your current status. Once you start using EAD.. This is an excellent proposal, can’t wait for it to happen. Is there anyone else who had the same experience?


No one can predict what the visa bullitin will do in the coming months. It is possible that your PD may become current by May 2008. But i applied for my I-485 when it was current last month . Would i be getting GC by then or is there chances of getting delayed.
Also, is there any way that i can keep postponing my application to be processed till i get married?

If there is going to be any more discussion on if IV should push for 485 or not push, moderators will close the threads. If you have ideas and want to implement them, join your local chapter and get active.

This will help keep this issue in the limelight. There’s already a thread floating in the forum to discuss this. Please be considerate to resources on IV. Would anyone please share contact info of Good and proven lawyer whose legal fees is reasonable or cheaper. I’m not sure how much help this would be.

And when the need arises, they send them over on short term work assignments (anywhere from 1 – 18 months). Ideally for the purpose of meetings etc, they should be using the B visa, especially when they have not sponsored an immigrant petition. May be it is because PERM had more specific questions to answer so that there is little flexibility. So there was room for interpretation. So I am better positioned there.

Traveling on AP doesn’t necessarily switch you out of H1B. As for the successful outcome of trying to downgrade your application to EB3, your labor certification should be flexible enough to allow your application to be downgraded to EB3. What A Girl Wants (Toys.)

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