Not sure what this is but possible a Mowag Piranha

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Not sure what this is but possible a Mowag Piranha You need to look at more than just where it can go and what it can do. How easy will it be to salvage spare parts when, not if, it breaks?
Everything is a compromise and there is no one perfect ultimate BOV. No cargo space, massively noisy, and need some set up time/takeoff space makes it a tough call. And I don’t know what this thing is, but I like it. Junk rig, as I think it’d be easier to repair and holds its shape well for simplicity, the boat would be a compromise between capacity and the ability to maneuver into an anchorage without the aid of an engine (once the fuel runs out). Two seater, so that backseat can hold whatever you need as long as it isn’t too bulky. BOV, but it would be nice to have.

I’d consider it a good scout vehicle for a fixed location. I would not drive into a horde of zombies with a covered wagon.?

Another option (if you’ve got the) is something like this. These can be removed/stored when not in use.

No I have no info on it. I can’t honestly say I think that’s more stylin’ than my Russian car. It’s definitely more appropriate in every other aspect. Pain or damage don’t end the world.
The world ends when you’re dead.
Quackfiend, what’s the name of that vehicle?
Fab up a cattle-guard for it, and that’s a mean ride.

Right now mine would be anything that’s not leaking transmission fluid.
The vehicle can detect, identify and mark the areas of nuclear and chemical contamination. The production qualification trials of the modified vehicles were concluded by July 1998. The vehicle has a length of 7. 3m, width of 2. 9m and a height of 2. 7m. The sensor suite is digitally connected with the communications and navigation subsystems by a dual-purpose central processing system, referred to as the multipurpose integrated chemical agent detector (MICAD). Hearing Protection, Do you need it?
Crew Three (two officers/0ne engineer) Accommodation: 21 equipped soldiers. Constructed from aluminium, CB90 is lightweight with an overall length of 14. 9m. It has a typical chine hull configuration with reverse sheer and a narrow landing ramp at the front with one-man capacity. A splinter protected wheelhouse module accommodates two operator seats and a middle jump seat within a compact aircraft-style cockpit. Immediately below the cockpit, is a bulkhead that is divided by a passageway extending to a bow ramp landing area. The mid-section of the boat serves as the troop compartment, accommodating soldiers along and their equipment. A 12. 7mm machine gun (or a 40mm grenade launcher) is fixed on a ring mount aft of the wheelhouse.

Four 2. 8t naval mines or six depth charges can also be carried.
Amphibious vehicle – capable of speeds up to 45mph on the water and 80mph on land .. The Bv206S can carry 12 combat equipped soldiers through difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions. From car mechanic to Millionaire.

Warthog built on H1 Chassis.

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