mercedes benz formula zero racer, electric vehicle, concept vehicle

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mercedes benz formula zero racer, electric vehicle, concept vehicle … Gadget tech explained: AMOLED vs. All the auto world is our life.

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This wondrous car is a surprise for everyone.

The batteries are being charged by solar lever. Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by Sun. Due to petroleum crisis solar energy is very important for every sector. Solar energy is being used in automobile industry like in cars, factories and also for making electricity. You can save your money by buying these cars. This amazing and unique car is creating for anticipation in Dakar Rally of 2015. The engine will use diesel and also solar energy. This beautiful car is being used these days. This smart car built in hungry. The basic purpose for designing this amazing invention to appreciate the winner of the competition that was held in Royal College of Art. This model was firstly shown at British Motor Show in 2010. This modern car uses solar energy. This unique model is made by super car firm of Sweden. This is based upon on a unique idea. This looks like an expensive bicycle but it is an automobile.

If you ever wanted to shred the air (and pedestrians) in your wake, here is your chance. Los automviles que funcionan sin combustibles fsiles ya son una realidad.
Este es un nuevo concepto en autos de carreras. Cialis no nosso site, preenchendo uma encomenda online.

Anlogos de Cialis. Otra compaa sueca, Mindset AG, desarroll este prototipo de auto que funciona con energa solar, que alimenta una batera de litio con la que puede recorre 100 kilmetros. LA 디자인 챌린지는 LA 모터쇼의 부대 행사로 열리는 디자인 행사로 세계적인 자동차 디자인 팀들이 경합을 벌인다. The Mitsubishi MMR25 is multi-terrain futuristic vehicle with omnidirectional wheels made of eight independently-controlled motors, allowing for a 8×4 wheel drive so that the car can be driven forward while pointing in any direction.